bePart – mobile eParticipation for urban development

bePart is a concept for an open data mobile application. The app aggregates data regarding urban development projects and presents them to the user. In order to do so, it consists of several features, which shall be explained through the following scenarios.

In the most basic scenario, the user can browse a map to find planned and ongoing urban development projects. For instance, a user from Potsdam, Germany, might search the inner city of Potsdam for current projects. He discovers that the old Landtag on market place is going to be reconstructed. By selecting the building site on the map, he gets to the project overview page, which contains all relevant data of the project. Information such as duration and cost of the project are gathered from different agency sources. Additionally, she can see the project history and the current stage of the project. As this is a German project, the data will refer to the development plans at [1]. Whenever data is available, bePart also shows blueprints (e.g., from [1]) and visualizations by the architect. Now the user can show her approval or disapproval of the project, using the corresponding buttons. She can also add the project to her watchlist of favorite projects. She will then be informed about any changes concerning project status and especially about any opportunities to participate in the planning stages of the project.

There is also a “Concerning Me” feature. Every project is assigned an area of influence. For example, the Landtag of Potsdam would be interesting for anyone in Potsdam, while the construction of a new daycare facility would only affect citizens in the surrounding district, whereas the Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport would also be relevant for Potsdamers, although it is much further away. The “Concerning Me” button shows all projects within the user's home region.

Besides informing herself about existing projects, she can also request new projects. For instance, if she discovers a road full of potholes, or if she feels that her district needs another post office, she could declare such need on any place of the map.

About us

bePart is run by a team of five students. Martin Büttner, Jonas Gebhardt, Lukas Niemeier, Jannik Streek and Nicholas Wittstruck study IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany.